The Dancing Magic Cane

A magnificent mysterious act with a magic cane which is charged with red light. Samyra dances and the cane floats and dances around her in the air. This act is creating a truly enchanting atmosphere.


Magical Animations

A butterfly flutters around Samyra, sometimes resting on the flower in her hand, on her sleeve or on the shoulder of a spectator. Samyra presents also other small table acts.


Workshops for Business Seminars

Samyra presents workshops for groups, supporting the theme of their meetings. Themes like “Teamwork”, “Presentation” and “Joining Forces” are subjects for which she creates Experience Workshops to enhance the effect of a meeting and to refresh the attention of the group after long sessions. Her Workshop “Energy!” has proven to be very successful for this purpose.

Japanese Chair Massage

Samyra is a certified Holistic Masseur. She has studied Asian healing techniques for 18 years. With the help of Chinese Acupressure, Japanese Shiatsu and Indian Ayurveda Massage, she releases tensions and even takes away headaches from your guests.


Tarot Coaching

During business seminars Samyra is hired to “entertain” the participants by telling Tarot cards. Having the cards on the table the participant realizes that this game is revealing a lot of truth. He gets a crystal clear view on his possibilities. This appears to be a very inspiring experience!