Oriental Dance

Samyra has been performing all over the world for more than 25 years. She was inspired and trained by different Egyptian choreographers. She danced with two principal dancers of the Hassan Afifi Ballet of Cairo and did several theatre tours of Germany with them. She flawlessly performs a whole range of oriental dances such as Saidi, Ghawazi, Hagalla, Khaleegi and Moroccan dance. As a solo oriental dancer she was invited by the advisor of the Ministry of Culture of Oman to perform on numerous occasions. She has raised oriental dance into an art. Her high class style is full of mystery and passion.


Fire and Sword Dance

Samyraís almost legendary Fire and Sword Dance has brought her international fame. During this dance she balances a huge fire tray on her head and continues the dance with a big sword that she balances on her hips or head while whirling over the floor. In this spectacular dance she proves herself a master of body control and balance.